From June 2017

“Underwater Dance,” painting in progress by Bea Garth

" Underwater Dance" acrylic painting in progress by Bea Garth 2017
“Underwater Dance” acrylic painting in progress by Bea Garth 2017

After a hard winter/spring, I am starting to feel much better. Finally got going on this painting of mine of a man and a woman dancing underwater. Its kind of a celebratory piece of getting healthier again and enjoying warmer weather finally. I am really looking forward to summer!

I still need to work on the painting Its hardly done since a lot of shadows and gradations are missing, and likely I will eradicate some more of the fish. But I got it all blocked in.  I like to work loose and then refine it.

I also applied for the local Clark County Artist Open Studios for next winter. November seems a perfect time to have it. Plenty of time to prepare…