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Bea Laughing at rooster rock beach sept 2016

Bea Garth: Artist Statement

My figurative artwork explores the narrative of human feelings and expression on canvas, paper or clay. I am obsessed with discovering the nuanced meaning of body language and what that implies. I am also compelled to play with both plasticity and structure of the human form as an expression of my native flexibility coupled with a  childhood injury. My Muse often comes forth in a trance state while I work.

Both my  visual art and poetry often explores Eros, communication and feelings of closeness or distance as well as ecological themes. In my artwork I use the fluidity of impossibly shaped limbs while maintaining a sense of elegance. There is a narrative dream-like  quality in my artwork with water, landscape imagery or interior scenes. Both art and writing alternats between pattern and simplicity. The workings of the Inner Spirit are often implied. Zig zagging patterns and symbols function like glue that hold my compositions together much like jazz riffs in music.  I originally called my work Ancient/Modern given my early exposure to ancient World Art, however I think in many ways Dream-like Art fits the bill.

If you would like to contact me to purchase or show some of my artwork or simply to comment, please post a response here or write me an email at


Bea Garth

 Art Bio

Bea Garth creates figurative, dream-like visionary narrative art and poetry. She focuses on complex inter-communication in landscape, water and interior settings. The daughter of two anthropologists in the Pacific Northwest, her work reflects her early exposure to Native American and World Art. In addition she became familiar with Walt Whitman and other great poets as a child. Her artwork and poetry often expresses her interest in both the Earth and Eros, psychology and metaphysics. Ms. Garth is driven to explore the structural dimensions of her art as a healing response to various hard knocks  she received as a child. She often exaggerates shoulders, hips, hands, feet and limbs. She employs color, sound, pattern and symbols for emotional, mythic and compositional purposes .

Ms. Garth won the 2016 9th Round for Painting in the international art magazine Art/Slant. Ms. Garth has been president of several artistic and poetic organizations, created and curated art and poetry events, and edited art/poetry publications in Eugene, Oregon and later in San Jose, CA. Recently she was the president of the Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art.  Currently she is restarting her art career in spite of family responsibilities back in San Jose.

Bea Garth: Artist Resume


2018 — two person show, Gallery @ Cerulean, Portland, OR
2015 — two person show, Red Room, Studio Bongiorno, San Jose, CA
2014– one person show, “Circle of Tenderness,” Cafe Pomegranate, San Jose, CA
2006 — two person show, Overpass Gallery, curator: Al Preciado, San Jose, CA
2000 — two person show, San Jose Art League, San Jose, CA
1993-1995 — one and three person shows, William White Gallery, Eugene, OR
1993 — one person show, Good Fortune Gallery, Cottage Grove, OR
1992 — “Inter Faces,” two person show, EMU Art Gallery, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1992 — “Verboten,” three person show, EMU Art Gallery, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1992 —one person show, Opus 5 Gallery, Eugene, OR
1990 — three person show,  Humanities Gallery, Linn-Benton Comm. College, Albany, OR
1990 — one person show, Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA
1989 — one person show, Gango Gallery, Portland, OR
1985 — one person show, Platform Gallery, Maude Kerns Art Center,  Eugene, OR


2014-2015 — Studio Bongiorno, San Jose, CA
2007-2011 — Thursday Gig, Los Gatos/Campbell, CA
2000-2003 — Somewhair in Willow Glenn, San Jose, CA
2000-2003 — San Jose Art League, San Jose, CA
1991-1995 — Gardens of Art, Bellingham, WA
1993-1995 — William White Gallery, Eugene, OR
1991-1992 — Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1991-1992 — Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA
1989-1991 — Gango Gallery, Portland, OR
1988-1989 — White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR
1986-1987 — Djurovich Gallery, Sacramento, CA


2019 — “The More The Merrier,” Art Ark Gallery, San Jose, CA
2018 — “Stories We Could Tell,” The Cave, Vancouver, WA
2018 — “Twisted,” Artist Loft Studio Gallery, Vancouver, WA
2018 — “Family Corvidae,” Angst Gallery, Vancouver,WA
2017 — “The Big 500,” Portland, OR
2015 — “The More The Merrier,Art Ark Gallery, San Jose, CA
2015 — “Solstice Art Fair,”  & “Holiday Fair,” Triton Art Museum, Santa Clara, CA
2015 — “New Beginnings,” Trianon Theatre, San Jose, CA
2015 — “Eye Tea,” The Citadel Gallery, San Jose, CA
2015 — “Plastic Paralysis,” Robin Lysne curator, Studio Bongiorno, Santa Clara, CA
2014 — “Enchanted, Valentine’s Art Exhibit,” Studio Bongiorno, Santa Clara, CA
2014 — “Healing The Planet, Healing Ourselves,” Studio Bongiorno, Santa Clara, CA
2014 — “Imminent Terrain,” Al Preciado curator, The Citadel Gallery, San Jose, CA
2013/2014 — art exhibits for Sparring w/ Beatnik Ghosts, Camden Comm. Ctr., San Jose, CA
2013 — “Seed,” Heart of Chaos curator, The Citadel Gallery, San Jose, CA
2008 — “Annual Juried Art Museum Show,” Los Gatos Art Assoc. (LGAA), Los Gatos, CA
2007 — “Solstice Art Fair,” Triton Art Museum with LGAA, Santa Clara, CA
1995 — “Art in the Vineyard,” Eugene, OR
1993 — “Art in the Garden,” Eugene Rose Garden, Eugene, OR
1992 — “Cascades of Art Pavilion, Filbert Festival, Springfield, OR
1989 — juried booth, “Pacific Northwest Arts & Crafts Fair,” Bellevue, WA
1989 — juried booth, ” Artquake,” Portland, OR
1987 — “Sculpture Symposium,” Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR
1986-1989 — “Erotic ’86” and “Erotic ’89,” Northwest Artists’ Workshop, Portland, OR

2016 — first place for Painting, 9th Round 2016, Art/Slant international art magazine
2015 — certificate, 3rd San Jose International Festival Fine Arts & Design, Trianon Theatre
1998 — second place “3-D Competition,” San Jose, Art League, San Jose, CA
1984 — first place, All Oregon Art Annual, professional division, OR State Fair, Salem,  OR
1981–first place, student art competition, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
1981 — Most Valuable Student (art editor/activist), Lane Community College, Eugene, OR

2015 — cover for I DREAM OF EMPATHY (book of poetry) by Marianne Szlyk, Boston, MA
2014 — cover for WHERE THE WILD OX ROAM, Sheffield Phoenix Press, England
2002– cover for CAESURA, poetry magazine for Poetry Center, San Jose, CA
2000 — Illustrator for e-zine POETRY USA, San Francisco, CA
1999 — cover for  WRITING FOR OUR LIVES,  vol. 8, Running Deer Press, Los Gatos, CA
1991 –Illustrator for old mining methods “Schafer Museum Sign Project,” Winthrop, WA
1983 — Illustrator and cover for ELEGANT STEW: A BOOK OF POETRY, Eugene, OR


2017-2018 — president Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art, Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA
2014-2016 — president of Quicksilver Artists, San Jose, CA
2015–co-curate art/poetry/music event “New Beginnings,” Trianon Theatre, San Jose, CA
2015 — co-hosted Eco-Viewing (movies & discussion), Studio Bongiorno, Santa Clara, CA
2014 — co-curated, publicist and co-host  with art, environmental  & poetry events : “Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves,” Studio Bongiorno, Santa Clara, CA
2005-2011 — co-curator & host  “Thursday Gig,” art & poetry, Los Gatos & Campbell, CA
2001-2003 — President, San Jose Art League, San Jose, CA
1995-2000 –organizer, publicist & co-host Cafe Rouge Poetry Readings, Los Gatos, CA
1981 — Mural Competition Coordinator, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR

2008 — 2019 — editor for Eos: The Creative Context (
2000 — Associate Editor for e-zine POETRY USA,  San Francisco, CA
1992-1995 — Literary/Art Editor & Co-organizer for THE OTHER PAPER, Eugene, OR
1980-81 — Art Editor/organizer, DENALI, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR

1991-1992 — ceramics teacher, Confluence Gallery, Twisp, WA
1984-1985 — Head Ceramics Dept./instructor, Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR

1967-1968–Business and Philosophy, San Jose State College, San Jose, CA
1970-1972– BA Political Science, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1978-1979–Drawing and Painting, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR
1980-81–Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
1982-1983–Ceramics, Ceramics Dept., Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, OR
1986–Ceramics and Art History, Portland Community College, Portland, OR