• beagarth says:

      Hi Vic, the new Theme I used is called “Studio.” It costs $76 I think. Something like that. I still am learning my way around it. this project page for instance was up for you to see when I chose a different page finally for it. Does this make sense? How is it I am communicating with you?? I wonder…!! I still need to find out how someone can click on the image and make it larger. So far I have not yet been able to make that happen. Its considered de rigeur for an art portfolio website according to Cory Huff. Thus the changes…I might have to use the blog page instead, but then I would not be able to have an actual blog page. I obviously need to find out more.


      • beagarth says:

        PS–glad you like the new look of my website so much!! Any thoughts on the blog??
        I still either need to make a store or connect with my store on Art In America…


      • Vic Banner says:

        I just looked at the Cory Huff website you linked me to last week..It looks encouraging. Very encouraging. My homework is cut out for me.
        Are you saying that you have changed to another theme and you thought this one, “Studio” was deleted but it isn’t? How could that be?
        As for the cooking Newman, that should be ‘choking Merman’, (sounds like an old Seinfeld episode– Cooking Newman vs. the Soup Nazi) As for the choking Merman, we talked about the plastic carrion problem last year; I should have figured it out myself. It needs something more, like plastic bits coming out his mouth.


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