Dragon's Lair pencil and inkx sepia by Bea Garth copy
“Dragon’s Lair” pencil and ink sepia by Bea Garth

Dear Art Appreciators,

I have been musing about what style it is I exactly have–and have been thinking I should call it: Ancient/Modern/Surreal Art. Or is that just too clumsy?? Perhaps I should just call it Magical Realism?? I need to think on it. My work has never fit into any kind of box, which on the positive side makes it unique. But for purposes of the Internet, I need to find a way to classify what I do to get those who might be interested in my work to have any easy path to my site. So my dilemma dear readers, lol!

Certainly I have been influenced by ancient art from an early age. I was exposed to Native American art here in the Pacific Northwest as well as ancient and indigenous art from around the world as a child. My parents worked as anthropologists when I was very young. In addition I was very much influenced by my great Aunt Lottie’s amazing artwork and rugs she brought back from the Philippines.

I have also been influenced by the early moderns–Picasso, Modigliani, Gaugain, Matisse,  Cassat and Kahlo amongst many others.

Further I very much interested in imagery inspired by Carl Jung’s notion of the Collective Unconscious as well as New Age metaphysics such as astrology and the tarot. I tend to focus on feelings expressed in the body language between people and our necessary connection with the Earth and its creatures–including the mythic dimension.

No matter what, I have been going through a major shift, just having moved back to the Pacific Northwest–so I am now setting up my new art studio. I want to continue painting and drawing on canvas and paper. But now, in addition, finally also get back to ceramic sculpture and wall plaques.

My good friend and tarot scholar Christine Payne Towler has also been encouraging me to begin a project of creating a new tarot deck–since, as she says, my work is iconic in nature. I am itching to begin!

Being here by the Columbia Gorge is for me like coming home with its beautiful vistas, abundant trees and wildlife and friendly people. This truly is where my heart is!



  1. Bea Garth: I’m sorry I couldn’t stay on Linkedin with you and the other great people–I can’t stand having my messages filtered the way they do, and Linkedin rummages through people’s emails to connect them with others which is gross. We are supposed to accept that as the new privacy. As for Tinoco, this so-called poet cannot even give me a cogent, respectful response–he simply threw a handful of unintelligible/unconnected words at me. I was trying to warn him about that fool Adrian Vargas– but such things are only of interest to real activists–which he, Tinoco, seems not to be. As if you couldn’t tell from my website, I expect better from Latino men. He’s just an attention getter, in my book, and not worthy of my time. I want to put you and your work in my Mujeres album, with a link to your website, if it’s ok with you–I think you deserve more recognition. It isn’t only that I like your work, you seem very dedicated and deserve respect for that. My best to you, Tony


    • beagarth says:

      Thanks Tony. Its nice to get such positive feedback! I know what you mean about Linked In. Much of the Internet is boldly unobservant of privacy. Now with revelations about how the government is inspecting everything it makes it all a bit moot. What can they possibly do with it all? I try not to worry about it or let it stop me. Nevertheless much of what goes on with Linked In and Google for instance is insulting. On the other hand, we all know more about THEM too! It cuts both ways. Sorry your query didn’t go better than it did. I don’t know him that well. Always figured it was due to cultural differences. But maybe there is more to it? I do admire his showmanship and rebellious spirit however. He says a lot energetically yet very sparely. Meanwhile I have been leading this artists group called Silicon Valley Artists Collaborative (SVAC) and focusing on my own art (not to mention my job!)–and have had less time for my e-zine. This will change in due time. This November SVAC will be having an exhibit at Studio Bongiorno called “Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves.” Am thinking of having a round table discussion on the topic likely mid month. I want to invite representative cultural, environmental and healing activists as well as artists to participate. Are you interested? Or can you think of some folks who might be? I am a bit late organizing this due to dealing with a frozen shoulder plus focusing on last years taxes all of which slowed me down this August. And soon on vacation for a week, but will be back after Sept. 10th. Thanks again for getting back to me meanwhile!–Bea


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