Here’s some more pix of my new art studio:

Direct View of Bea Garth's New Art Studio
Direct View of Bea Garth’s New Art Studio

Here’s another view:

Corner view of Bea Garth's New Vancouver Art Studio
Corner view of Bea Garth’s New Vancouver Art Studio


If you look closely, you can see I am getting ready to work on some clay as well as painting again too.

My friend Graeme made the cool shelving unit with my help; I made the new clay table you can see in front. I already had the slab roller table and the wedging table I made years ago. Plus of course there is the desk I use for my paints, and the sculpture stand….

The kilns are in the background. Am planning on putting them outside once I get some housing for them. I don’t want to breathe the fumes, and discovered I really need to fire my ceramic sculpture etc. the old fashioned way, slowly for quite a while before closing the lid.


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