Despite several  interruptions this last week given the goings on in the world, plus going to visit a wonderful friend in another town who had a poetry reading etc., I have finally gotten back to my painting “Lady in Pink” again. I now realize what all the pink is about, i.e., why both this and the other painting I did recently (Legs Like Leaves) have women featured prominently with all that hot pink!

“Lady in Pink” painting in progress by Bea Garth, copyright 2017

The fact last weekend’s  Women’s March was the largest march ever in the USA is heartening. Women and their male supporters marched (with their pink hats!) not only here, but also in 33 other countries.

I believe we are at the beginning of a new paradigm shift wherein the values of the patriarchy are just going to have to move  over. Greed and rampant egoism as well as “us vs them” thinking is destroying the planet, not to speak of our souls. There simply is no future in following that path any more.

We need to put aside our differences and learn to love or at least accept each other if we are going to heal the planet enough to have a future for ourselves and our children.

I believe creative and positive spiritual endeavors are more important now than ever to help sensitize and open us up to our feelings and what is going on in our unconscious. This can help us face who we are in a healing way and  help us see and appreciate the humanity in each other despite our differences. Thus empowered, we can become more able to finally perceive what is going on in the world without freaking out or going crazy-which will help free us to take right action to help save the planet. This is what growing a positive world culture is all about. Together we can do this; I know it in my bones.


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