Finally ready (well almost!) for Open Studios which begins Saturday morning Nov. 11, and runs til 5 PM, and then again the same hours on Sunday Nov. 12th, 2017.

"Bea Garth's Paintings and CE Sculpture at Open Studios," photo by Bea Garth nov. 2017
“Bea Garth’s Paintings and CE Sculpture at Open Studios,” photo by Bea Garth copyright 2017

I am loving how my studio looks especially with so much of my artwork up on the walls and on a couple of my tables.

I even got out my sculpture of ” Eos Re-emerging”. Eos is the Greek  Goddess of the Dawn.  I see her as presaging the work the feminine principle needs to do to save the planet from humanity’s greed and unbalanced throw away culture.  I have her sitting on the slab roller table in front of several of my paintings up on the wall.

I am prepared to do work with both clay and painting, depending upon the moment. It should be fun meeting so many people interested in supporting their local artists here in Vancouver, WA.



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