From ceramic plaque by Bea Garth

“Holding the Fish Bird,” CE plaque by Bea Garth; application to CC Open Studios 2018

This piece below with the couple holding the Fish-bird is representative of one’s Inner Spirit which can heal one of almost all things… In this case my husband encouraged me to apply for 2018 Clark County Open Studios!  The OS event will be the first weekend in November. Am crossing my fingers I will get in.

I wasn’t sure I would do it, but now am glad I have made the commitment. I am finally psychologically ready to do a lot more art this summer although I still need to pace myself due to my healing wrist and the Lyme Disease.

Fortunately I don’t have to set up my studio like I did last year so it should be a snap comparatively speaking. Am very much looking  forward to doing a lot more painting this summer, plus  more with my ceramic plaques and sculpture.  Both media are incredibly healing!

Colored terra sigillata on red clay body, low fire
“Holding the Fish-bird,” ceramic plaque by Bea Garth, copyright 2018

Discombobulations and Spirit etc., Goddess CE plaque by Bea Garth


Goddess with Star by Bea Garth, ceramic plaque copyright 2007
Goddess with Star by Bea Garth, ceramic plaque copyright 2007

I think the events of this week have me more than a little discombobulated and disheartened. I just hope every one remembers to love and speak their truth with compassion rather than fall victim to fear or hate and other polarizations.

Just been honing my artist statement. Writing about the sources of my artwork reminds me of my years of making ceramic plaques and sculpture. I want to make some more, maybe in the spring… Once I get my kilns going again.

Life does go on. We meanwhile need to learn to access spirit and learn to work together while nurturing the Earth and respecting our differences.