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“Snow Still Here: Vancouver, WA” photos by Bea Garth

This last week we had more snow than I ever thought possible here in Vancouver, WA.  Previously when I lived across the river years ago  in Portland, we never had snow

"Our Snowy Street in Vancouver" photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2017
“Our Snowy Street in Vancouver” photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2017

so often or so deep. Last week we had over 12 inches of snow!!

Now here it is nearly a week later and its still here. Tomorrow it may snow again, then followed by freezing rain. We decided to go shopping for food before the roads become impassable again!

I have to chalk this up to Global Warming. Weather everywhere seems more extreme than it used to be. Of course we don’t have huge drifts. However the main problem here is that it does not snow enough to warrant getting snow tires for most people. We have chains, but driving around on them has to be kept to a bare minimum in order to not wreck the tires. Plus honestly its still dangerous. Now many of the main streets are clear, but the side ones often are still full of snow and ice. People are still getting stuck a week after our comparatively big snow.

"Snowy Front of House/Driveway" photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2017
“Snowy Front of House/Driveway” photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2017

Nevertheless, I am glad to be where we are. We have a warm, well insulated house, and live in a place where neighbors are actually neighborly. For instance when Chris was clearing the snow from the driveway, two neighbors came over and helped!

Plus to be honest, this snowy patch should be over in a week at the most. Unless all of us are wrong! Its not the same as living somewhere where it is snowy for months at a time.

"Side-deck Snow, Vancouver WA" photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2017
“Side-deck Snow, Vancouver WA” photo by Bea Garth, copyright 2017